Barwheys Dairy

Robert Burns Country | Ayrshire | Scotland | UK

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The Team

Barwheys cheese is made by a small but skilled team of cheese-lovers.

Tricia Bey

Tricia is the founder and manager of Barwheys. A lifelong lover of fine local food, Tricia was inspired to reinvigorate the South Ayrshire dairy tradition by her appreciation of traditional cheesemaking. In 2005 she moved to Barwheys and started the challenge of constructing the dairy and building up a stock of pedigree cattle from scratch. Not daunted by much, she nowadays gets up at dawn to pump the fresh milk and spends the rest of her long days overseeing the entire cheesemaking process.


Alison Butcher

Alison and her family all live up the road from the dairy in Maybole. Alison left Ayrshire to study NeuroScience at Aberdeen University and worked for the Richmond Trust after completing her studies. She joined the dairy in February 2011 and is now one of our expert cheesemakers.


The Limond Family

Colin Limond was brought up on the adjoining farm to Barwheys and what he doesn't know about cattle could be written on a fleck of mud. Colin, his wife Janet and sons Craig, Ross and Stuart milk, feed, and tend for our special herd of Ayrshire cattle with an inspiring amount of care and attention.

Stephan Davidson

Stephan lives with his family in Ayr. He initially trained as a chef and during his training he visited the dairy with his tutor. Little was he to know then that he would end up as one of our expert cheesemakers. 


Tiger is the dairy's pest control officer - when he feels like it.  He prefers to pretend he's starving and persuade everyone to feed him and let him curl up in their cars to avoid being outside.


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