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At Barwheys we are proud to be reinvigorating the Ayrshire cheesemaking tradition a short distance from where Robert Burns's mother also made cheese. Our dairy has been built by fine local craftsmen, our cows are tended by a farmer who has lived here all his life and the cheesemaking itself provides skilled jobs for our rural region.


Barwheys is available at delis and restaurants throughout Scotland. If you would like to buy Barwheys then please look at the stockist page where we post details of new stockists as they become available or contact us directly.



Barwheys has a long and complex flavour. This rich hard cheese hits your tongue with a slightly tart first note, before the taste gives way to subtle hints of nut and caramel. The cheese has a creamy texture with just the merest hint of crumble. 


The exceptional taste of Barwheys is achieved by a time-honoured production process. Each week we handmake no more than forty truckles of cheese. Once pressed the rounds are wrapped in traditional cotton cheesecloth and nursed carefully as they age on wooden shelves for between ten and twelve months. We hold some truckles back each year to mature for another year to become our much sought-after Barwheys Beasties.  These are released in November for eating at St Andrews Day, Hogmanay and Burns Night celebrations.


Unlike larger manufacturers, we are able to fine-tune our recipe to match our changing milk. Cheese made from our summer milk are slightly more creamy and brigh primrose yellow as the pastures are rich in clover whereas winter cheeses are slightly sweeter and much paler. As you eat Barwheys at different times throughout the year see if you can pick up on the other unique notes that are created as our cows's diet changes with the seasons and the land.


In addition to our flagship cheese, we also smoke Barwheys cheese using shavings from used whisky barrels from the Grants distillery which is just down the road. We smoke the cheese for just two hours. 

We also release small quantities of Barwheys Beastie - a wonderfully complex cheese matured for 24 months.  Beastie is destined for Burns Suppers throughout Scotland and beyond.